David Kozuch

Davy Drones

Through flying his drone, David has developed a passion for videography. He is a FAA Part 107 Certified pilot, utilizing his license as lead drone operator for GeoAerial. His drone has taken him across the world, capturing incredible shots from the coasts of Spain to the High Sierra. As a new FPV pilot, he has grown a skill for flying close proximity at high speeds, showcasing his work on Instagram, YouTube, and AirVuz under his pilot name Davy Drones.




How to Fly DJI Drones

Whether you have a cinematography background or not, I walk you through the process of creating a professional drone video from capturing the best angles and movements to the secrets behind post processing.


 Freelance Work

 $50 SHOT

10-15 second clip, no music

$200 Video

45-60 second video with music


 Get A Quote

2-3+ minute video professionally produced


Join the community

Instagram - I am highly active here as I love connecting with other pilots and sharing my flying with thousands of others

YouTube - I record a daily vlog which includes lots of flying, but I also have a series A Pack A Day strictly dedicated to FPV

AirVuz - I love this platform which hosts tons of videos and is a whole drone community! This is how I discovered FPV and found some of the BEST drone videos!